Impromptu Product Shoot



I recently had the opportunity to photograph tea products for a friend who’s planning on opening an e-commerce store. This was my first impromptu product shoot and considering the restricted environment and equipment available, I’m satisfied with the results. With that said, here a couple things that I will need to improve for future product shoots.

1. Lighting: I didn’t like how inconsistent the lighting varied between each product. It made it very hard during post process to make every image consistent.

2. Attention to detail: Small details like not wiping the cup clean from water droplets greatly affects the images. Another issue I noticed after I finished was that I didn’t take into account my surrounding when I went for low angle shots.

3. Set aside enough time: I definitely need to take into account how much time it takes when doing any photoshoot. Being pressed on time, 10 different tea products, and a stuffy room made me want to get the shoot over with halfway in.

4. Research! I will be researching how a specific product is photographed and represented through social media sites to get a better idea of what I should be doing.

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