DIY Camera wrist strap



This past Monday I decided to reignite my creative side by making my own camera wrist strap out of paracord. I’ve been in the market for a wrist strap for a couple months now but knew that it was not necessary when I still have my neck strap. I like to watch random camera accessories on youtube and found a couple DIY camera straps that I definitely knew I could try out on my days off. It turned out to be easy and really affordable! If you are interested in making one, I followed this video

20180416_172950My first attempt I didn’t use enough paracord so it ended up being a little short but still good enough. So be sure to give yourself about 6.5-7.5 ft of paracord to be safe if you have a small wrist (6 to 6.5 inches).

In about 30 minutes, I was able to make 2 camera wrist straps for about $2! (Thank you Michaels coupon :D)  You can also buy from Amazon or any art supply store.



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