Little Tokyo, Los Angeles



I wanted to try something new since I have recently gotten into film photography. Here are the shots I took on my Nikon F3T that ended up being pretty good. Surprisingly, I was able to get some great shots just on my second roll of film. Be sure to check out my first experimental roll post, with that being said – Film Roll #2 Little Tokyo, Los Angeles


Little Tokyo, Los Angeles is one of the three official Japantowns (Japanese communities in big cities outside Japan)Ā Ā in the United States with the other two in San Francisco and San Jose. There I can find some of my favoriteĀ Japanese food, snacks, and drinks. Although the district is fairly small (about 5 blocks), I think that there are plenty of stuff to do to keep yourself occupied for half a day especially if it’s your first time.


There are two main plazas, a couple of museums, and plenty of restaurants and shops around. Weller Court shopping mall has several restaurants, a marketplace, and a Japanese chain bookstore Kinokuniya. The marketplace Marukai is definitely one of my favorite markets to grab cheap Japanese snacks (different flavors of pocky), and drinks (different brand of coffees). Then you have the Japanese Village Plaza which is the main plaza in Little Tokyo and also the busiest depending on the day. It also has several restaurants, a smaller market, plus several shops geared towards tourists and locals.


Lastly, there is The Galleria located on the outskirts of Little Tokyo, that has a couple stores, restaurants, and marketplace. Over the years I still notice that this place is pretty desertedĀ especially on the weekdays. However, there has been a lot of development around the community so hopefully, that will help businesses once constructions are complete.

Overall, I would highly recommend Little Tokyo. No matter how many times I have been here, I still enjoy the atmosphere and food.


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