My Reasons to Travel Alone


I use to travel with my parents at least 3-4 times a year before college and adult life hit me and now I rarely travel (once or twice a year)… 😦 Over the past few years, I’ve had the urge to just travel alone just as an experience to see how I would like it. I really do enjoy my parent/girlfriend’s company whenever we travel, but traveling alone allows me to be in charge of my schedule and work on my bucket list. I recently had a small experience traveling alone for a day in New Orleans and it was a great experience that makes me want to try it more often. I feel like it’s something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. And NO traveling alone does not make you seem like a lonely person or have no friends. Even though, it might not be for everyone, here are some reasons why I want to travel alone.

  1. Work on my Bucket List:
    • There will be times where my partner or friends don’t share the same interests, so traveling alone will probably be the best way of checking it off my list. In addition, my travel possibilities will be endless if I travel alone (Backpacking around Europe, Dive the Great Barrier Reef, Luge in Canada, just to name a few).
  2. In Charge of your Itinerary:
    • I don’t like to travel with more than 3-4 people because it requires a lot of planning and you would have to cater your trip to satisfy everyone. Traveling with a partner eliminates that but traveling alone gives me the ability to control my entire schedule. I might want to pull an all nighter just exploring the city, spend an entire day in just one area, etc… And if things don’t go as planned I can change them without ruining anyone’s day.
  3. Confidence Boost:
    • Traveling alone to unfamiliar places takes me out of my comfort zone and exposes me to a lot of new experiences. This will allow me to grow and make decisions on my own. I will learn to trust my instincts more and the fact that I am on my own will definitely bring up your confidence when it comes to trying new things.
  4. Complete Financial Control:
    • I am in complete charge of how much I spend. If I want to spend little to nothing on food I can do that, or treat me myself out to a really nice place I can do that also. This is also easier to do when you travel with your partner.
  5. Focus more on the Destination:
    • Without anyone with me to interact with, I become more engaged with my surroundings. I start to realize all the stuff I take for granted and I feel like it will make you become a better observer of the people and places around you.
  6. Self-discovery:
    • Being alone allows me all the time I want to reflect and think about my purpose, priorities, and passion. It sometimes even helps boost my creativity.
  7. Cure my Travel Bug:
    • I always want to go out whenever I can. It doesn’t matter where or how long as long as I’m outside I am happy. There have been plenty of times where I just wanted to go out and explore somewhere for a weekend but I just never had the guts to do it. There are some priorities I need to get sorted out first, but definitely, whenever the time comes when I just need to escape, I would consider going alone. No waiting on people to clear out their schedules.                                                   Just me against the world. 

“This heart of mine was made to travel the world.” – Unknown

Have you ever thought about traveling alone?

2 thoughts on “My Reasons to Travel Alone

  1. Michael J.

    In my early years I traveled alone cos I loved the freedom to take only me. Nowadays I love traveling with my little family, especially to show my lovely daughter wonderful places around Thailand. It makes me so happy seeing her eyes when we discover things what we just see with open minds, hearts, and souls.

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