Accessories For Your Travel Gadgets: (Part 2)


Continuing from part 1 here are some accessories that can help improve your trip. I will range them based on my priorities, but these recommendations will range from person to person.

  • Portable battery charger (Necessary) – A must have when you’re traveling! My recommendation is the Anker PowerCore 10000. It has a big capacity for me to charge my Note 5 at least 2.5 times, which is more than plenty for the entire day. It’s also light and compact size. The only issue with getting power banks that can hold a lot is the recharging time, which can sometimes take up to 6 hours to fully recharge.

  • Charging cords (Necessary) – I always like to pack two just in case I lose one. These cords are usually very cheap to buy from Amazon/eBay so I recommend stocking up on a couple as back up.
  • Headphones (Necessary) 

Decide which one is the best for you, but for most people a pair of apple headphones that come with their iPhones does the job just fine. No need to purchase new headphones if you already have a pair already. Save that money for your trip.

  • USB stick/Flash Drive (Optional) – These are optional, but highly recommended due to the small size. You can hold a lot of information which is great to back up your photos or loading up movies that can be accessed anywhere.  I would recommend just getting a USB 3.0 flash drive since it is still commonly used today. If you are only bringing along your phone, then you can check out these Android and iPhone flash drives. These Android/iPhone flash drives are great since they also have a standard USB port on them so you can transfer between your computer and phone.
  • Universal travel adapters (A must have if traveling to different countries)-
    • Some will have additional ports for you to charge your USB devices which make it a great all in one adapter. You can buy them for less than $10 here. (Remember to buy the appropriate adapter for the country you plan on traveling to).
  • Travel power strip (Nice to have) – can really go a long way especially if you’re carrying a lot of devices and need the convenience of charging them all at once. With these power strips you can recharge everything at once. (Remember to bring along the appropriate charging cord for the specific devices).

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